Online Hospital Record
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Online Hospital Record Features

The Online Hospital Record provides a variety of convenient features, including the following.


You can view your recent laboratory and radiology results. The portal will indicate new results.

Discharge Info

Can't find your discharge instructions? No worry! You can get them in the portal.


The allergies and other conditions documented in your medical record are listed. You can also access additional information about each listed item.


You can see a listing of all medications you were discharged on during your last hospital visit, along with extensive detail about your medications.

Visit History

Are the details of your past visits getting a little fuzzy? You can access your past visit details, including dates and members of your care team.


Confused about your hospital bill? You can quickly see all of your accounts -- both paid and outstanding, as well as all of the transactions on those accounts.


Not sure when is that next visit? You can quickly see this information, along with important instructions for your visit.

Health Summary

To help coordinate your care with other facilities, you can view, download, and transmit your health summary.